Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Well, we're finally ready to begin this Blog.
Although the JollyOldSaintNick 'super site' is permanently down, the JollyOldSaintNick website is here to stay !!!
In the future, thousands of gaming photos will be uploaded.
However, most projects were put on standby during the past 6 months,
in order to complete our Relaxation / ASMR collection.
This will be my Christmas gift to you.
Please note that a few sensual Channels are included on this collection.
So Please use your discretion.
Also, We're currently unsure as to which ASMR/Relaxation blog will become the primary page.
We're leaning toward ASMR: The Editors Page (which features a simple URL ASMRpage.blogspot.com.
But, The ASMR Page seems to be our best effort.
similar efforts include asmRelaxation, asmRelaxation asmRelaxation, ASMRpractice, and the simpler asmrLuv.

I consider this ASMR / Relaxation collection to be our biggest project ever.

Please give it a try ! You can spend hours and hours per night browsing through the collection of ASMR channels.
and, as always, please use your self-censorship toward any sites which may offend you.
Nowadays, it's nearly impossible to monitor the activities of children and family.
They must learn to avoid unwanted sites.

With that said, other projects will soon be added to this blog.
The Voy Links project was stalled this year; and so was our Christmas material.
I really needed to complete the ASMR/ Relaxation collection.
It proved more difficult than expected. So, without further adieu... Please enjoy our early Christmas gift: The ASMR Page.